We proudly serve the community of Citrus County, Florida and its surrounding areas.

At Cardiovascular Services, LLC, we believe you deserve state-of-the-art medical care, truly attentive personal care and care for you as a person, not just care for your disease or condition. We believe your cardiologist should be a partner in your medical care along with you and your other physician(s). Thank you for choosing our practice.

Cardiovascular Services, LLC of Citrus County, Florida offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment of diseases and disorders of veins and arteries including varicose veins. We offer all of our patients with cardiovascular disease or suspected cardiovascular disease access to the highest level of specialization and medical expertise in the region, seeing both self-referred and physician-referred patients.

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Cardiovascular Services, LLC, where “the best care for the heart, comes from the heart.”

Our practice also provides a wide range of services in Consultative and Preventive Cardiology including coronary risk management; hypertension and cholesterol management and treatment; non-invasive cardiac testing; diagnosis, management and treatment of cardiac rhythm abnormalities; and our practice specializes in treating all stages of vein disease including laser ablation, sclerotherapy for spider veins and phlebectomy. We look forward to serving you and your cardiovascular and vein care needs.

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R. Abadier, MD, FACC


Melanie, LPN

Tammy, Medical Assistant

Sandi, Office Manager

Judy, Receptionist

Cardiovascular Services, LLC will help you return to the activities that you love…

Cardiovascular Services, LLC performs office-based consultations and procedures to treat heavy, tired, swollen legs, varicose and spider veins. These procedures alleviate leg discomfort, diminish swelling, address cosmetic concerns and improve quality of life.

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